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Happy #murica day! But remember the 4th of July isn’t about having a day off, #BBQ’ing, drinking #beer and socializing. It’s about celebrating the freedoms we are #fortunate to have.
Our #forefathers came to America to find freedom from persecution and freedom to practice their beliefs. They fought for those freedoms and gained their independence. That same independence we take for granted everyday.
People still fight for our rights to say and think whatever we want. I just ask if there is just one thing you do on this fine day… Take just one second to remember what makes this country so great. Take pride in your home and your heritage. We are a melting pot of people with different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, etc. but we all are here because we believe in freedom.

#USA #4thofJuly #Freedom #Independence #IndependenceDay #ThisLandIsMyLand #ThisLandIsYourLand #HomeOfTheFree #HomeOfTheBrave

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